Chaos of Grind Mode Birthday Bash at Sobe Live

Chaos, Empress (Founder of the Chunky Chickz) and Hunger of Grind Mode
Atmosphere at Chaos Birthday Bash

South Beach set the scene Saturday night as Chaos of Miami Rap trio Grind Mode celebrated with an All Star Birthday Bash at urban hotspot SOBE LIVE. This event brought the entire city out as fans and friends popped bottles all night long and Miami showed support to South Dade’s finest. The crowd began gathering earlier than usual, as club-goers and supporters buzzed with anticipation, the sidewalks of Washington Avenue began overflowing as the line built.

The crowd spilled through the velvet admission ropes and into the venue packing the dance floor, selling the bar out and filling the VIP section. Chaos showed love to fans upon arriving, stopping for pictures with friends and supporters as he made his way to the VIP suite surrounded with the sultry SOBE Live dancers. From wall to wall, the speakers were blazing with the most infectious soundtrack to a movie this major - courtesy of DJ Element & D1 the MC. Chaos spread love the South Dade way, jumping onto the dance floor to celebrate and falling into full character as he hit the wave “Swag Surfin” with R&B gem Cherism√© - who stopped by to show love to her fellow South Florida artist

Chaos hit the booth with DJ Element, hopping on the mic and welcoming everyone to the event before making his way back to VIP where he continued to flick it up with fans. Chaos hit the stage around 2:30AM giving the at capacity crowd what they were waiting for- something to vibe to! The club ignited as Chaos performed various renditions of Grind Mode’s smash singles “I’m So High” and “Ecstasy” as he got loose with his on stage entourage the Pretty Boyz who kept the crowd amped with their explosive energy. People filled the railings of the VIP section as bottle service kept the bash going even after Chaos had exited the club. The guests kept the celebration going and rode out the party until after 4:00AM before emptying onto the streets of South Beach.

Chaos of Grind Mode Birthday BashChaos and The Pretty Boyz
Chaos of Grind Mode Birthday Bash DJ Element, Cherismé and D1The MC
Chaos of Grind Mode Birthday Bash
Atmosphere at Chaos Birthday Party