New R&B Gem Cherisme' Receive Explosive Response in Atlanta from Grammy Award Winners Rock City, The Aphilliates own DJ Sense & more

Rock City & Cherisme'
The rising R&B songstress Cherisme arrived in Atlanta this week to promote her energetic lead single “Fly Mamita.” The single is rapidly being placed into rotation on college radio stations and mix shows around the country. The South Florida native launched an ambitious campaign full of appearances, interviews and performances in Atlanta after touring Florida cities including Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville and Miami. Cherisme’ interacted with some of Atlanta’s up and coming talent while networking with the heavy hitters of the Southern music scene.

Cherisme’ made her Atlanta debut of “Fly Mamita” by performing live at Soul Sensation Showcase hosted by DJ Pooh Bear at Star Lounge. The dynamic response from the capacity crowd proved “Fly Mamita” is an undeniable hit and only a small taste of what is to be expected from this young star.

As a singer & songwriter, the Haitian born Cherisme’ embraces her cultural background and contributes much of her passion for melody to it. Cherisme’ was granted access to an exclusive in-studio meeting with Grammy Award winning duo Rock City where they discussed their common Caribbean and songwriting backgrounds. The brothers spent nearly two hours with her listening to her current single “Fly Mamita” and potentially her next single “invisible”, discussing their personal experience in the industry and providing positive advice for the upcoming performer.
DJ Aaries & Cherisme'
The appearances continued at The Atrium for Hood Hard Exposure hosted by DJ Aaries. The crowd was explosive, letting it be known they were feeling Cherisme’ and her performance. “Cherisme’ is a great performer,” said DJ Aaries. “She has stage presence and an excellent delivery of her single.” She later performed live in front of a packed house for the filming of DJ Aaries’ Hood Hard TV Show. Also included on the itinerary were two more showcase events, performing at Club Libra where she met with DJ Sense of The Aphilliates and Jay’s Place II where she was already being recognized by local artists and members of the crowd.
Cherisme' Performing at Club Libra

Cherisme' & The Aphilliates own DJ Sense

Cherisme’s lyrical capabilities and natural flare for songwriting make her potential enormous and Atlanta has only had a sneak peek of what this multi-dimensional gem has to offer the industry. After receiving positive feedback and encouragement from mentors and peers alike, Cherisme’ is eager to continue working on her debut album upon her return to South Florida. She performed at TI’s Club Crucial to conclude her eventful Atlanta experience.
Cherisme' & ATL Mizzike at Club Crucial

Fly Mamita

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